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Comment: he's a well known SC political commentator and formerly

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he's a well known SC political commentator and formerly

an over the top wrestling enthusiast/showman/sidekick 'shockjock'-DJ who donned a mask with the Confederate flag (as if that's something 'EVIL') - seriously, people couldn't tell that the entire 'character' was a satire performance art for his then 'shock-jock' personality??

He was a regular column writer for the very liberal Charleston City Paper, as their 'token conservative.'

Who also was the co-author (perhaps even a full-on ghostwriter) for Rand's 1st book "The Tea Party goes to Washington" who regularly vlogged pro-Ron Paul liberty shorts on YouTube, to eventually becoming the paid official blogger for

But make no mistake: Jack Hunter was and is a very talented writer with a broad perspective of history and actually knows the REAL conservative history in American politics, who has a distinct talent for summarizing complex issues into succinct nuance. And, NOT A SINGLE THING he ever wrote was "racist" in ANY shape or form, at least none that I've read. Sure, they can say "politically incorrect" at worst. Then again, a mustached cat is racist to the bowel-'movement' L vs. R-'liberal' moron set.

So what else is new?


The fact that this attack 100% wholly originated with the AIPAC dildo sucking Likudnik Anti-American Israel-firster neocon assholes at the Washington 'Free' Beacon is telling. Not to mention, the coordinated syndication of the same article on numerous liberal sites, all concurrently.

Seriously, if any of this was an issue, it would've come out long ago, as NOTHING is 'secret' about political operators in the internet age, who have very long non-erasable, very public, trackable digital history of their writings, views, statements, audio & video interviews, etc.

So we ALL know that this was nothing but a politically opportune, timed-smear vs. Rand, in the finality (seeing as no matter what, even the Paul family's worst enemies know that NO ONE believes that they're "racists" so they have to do 'guilt, by association'-proxy BS card), to tamper down the rate of Rand's meteoric rise onto the national scene as the number 1 GOP contender for 2016.

Yup, he's seen as that much of a threat by the entire L & R establishment that they're starting 3yrs early, along with the coordinated FatFcuk NJ Bobby Bacala yapping RINO shiite at the recent Bilderberg-lite Aspen Institute shindig, calling Rand, Libertarians, and the Constitution as "dangerous" and "esoteric."


I'd recommend not giving them any more traffic, but if you really want to read the content of this 2nd grader hatchet job that began it all:

the neoCons, the REAL racists, who always "she doth protests too much" throw this racist-card ass-nard crap around, come election season vs. the libertarians and the Pauls, particularly, seeing as how the good Doc is the modern day grandfather of the entire liberty/patriot/freedom movement, which as a political/philosophic bloc that represent the biggest threat to the Ruling Class' empire.

nothing new there. LOL.

that said, the R3VOLution has had its own set of qualms against Hunter, when he rationalized Rand's decision to endorse Mutt WRONGney ON Dr. Paul's RP2012 website in his capacity as still then paid official blogger FOR the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign.

Now, it may still have been bad enough for him to support Rand's WRONGney endorsement, but what made it wholly obnoxious and worse is the fact that he did it on Doc's official RP2012 site, as the paid-official blogger, WHILE the Doc was still running!

Then, to add insult to injury, he tried to engineer a purge vs. the 'undesirables' within the R3VOLution, whom by ALL public accounts made up 60% of Doc's initial base in RP2008 campaign: Jack Hunter injected the 'let's purge the Bilder-Truther'-nonsense, when not even the 9/11Truth movement or Anti-NWO/InfoWarrior-set made any of that part of the RP2012 campaign. It was an unnecessary wedge, that to a certain extent still continues to this day.

Let's face it, beyond the mostly friendly academic nuances and differences, the R3VOLution NEVER had any issues with all its various disparate factions from the rare few genuine 'liberals,' the paleoconservatives, the old school Christian Patriot Movement members, to the libertarians, Constitutionalists, minarchists, Anarcho-Capitalists, voluntaryists/agorists, etc.

We ALL got along, just fine, like a rowdy perpetual big family Thanksgiving reunion...that is until the...dan dan dan: the "Randpocalypse."

Then everyone went into haywire over whether it was a necessary political move, to the 'he's a closet neocon' to 'he betrayed his father' etc.

Don't think that completely 'healed' properly among the r3VOL. Then again, not sure it ever will.

Ron Paul has that singular ability to truly bring EVERYONE together, no matter what political stripe you hang. Call it 'The Great Depression-era Septuagenarian Genteel Country Doctor'-charm. Whatever "IT" is, the Good Doc has it in spades.

You can grow to appreciate and respect Rand, and not that it's necessary, but make no mistake, many of us LOVE Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, like our own wise, sagacious, worldly, experienced grandpa.

That, will never happen with Rand. Call it age, different generation. But, Ron has an elderly endearing quality that junior can never replicate. It's just a fact of life: it is what it is.

Ron... call it providence or what, but historically speaking, he came in at the confluence of right time, right circumstance, right shifting trajectory and epoch in history.

That, is why, IMO, the "Randpocalypse" hit many here, pretty hard. It's like, sure, we ALL know that Rand is his own man. But he'll never be able to escape the fact that he's Ron Paul's son. And having grown up around all his political allies, and principled academic/philosophical and political discussions at the same dinner table, it's not hard for many to simply expect Rand to be just like his wiser father, seeing as how Rand, of all his kids turned out to naturally follow him in his footsteps, the most, from being a doctor, to entering politics.

Can't say I blame my fellow r3VOLs, who felt it the harshest.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul