Comment: Not sure about this one

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Not sure about this one

If it was my property and I asked them to leave and they didn't, I would want them arrested.

Now, I understand that the DMV is a state-owned property, so different rules apply. However, the DMV is a functional property, similar to a place of business; it's not like they were at a public place like a park reading the bible. At the DMV, you're trying to get people in and out and get stuff done. If they are disturbing this, then I would say the state has the right to remove them from the property.

Think about it this way: if they were doing this at a McDonalds, we would say that McDonalds has the right to ask them to leave their property. But why wouldn't the DMV have the same right?

Disclaimer: I didn't watch the video (at work), so if there's something I'm blatantly missing as a result, I apologize.