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thanks for your comments

I believe the bibles we use today are altered
the reason i say this the Nicene creed,this one deal,took vast amounts of
chapters,and books out of the bible
I do have the missing books of the bible,but who's to say this makes it compete
to ask questions is the beginning of wisdom,and the start of more knowledge
I have learned long ago,not to put faith in man,family members can be great
learning tool in this area
No need to worry about how people comment to questions,even the way they comment,if one keeps an open mind,one can learn
around age 10 asked our pastor about the wheel within a wheel,to me it sounded like a space craft of some sort,the a while later i read of jacobs ladder,and i had this thought "would spirits/angels need a ladder"
when i asked about this,the pastor asked my parents to keep me out of his sunday school classroom,it wasn't because i didn't accept his response
as he didn't give one.
years later after marriage,we found a pentecostal church, I asked the elders about why they celebrate easter and christmas,seeing these to me are pagan holidays,they even celebrated Halloween )their version of it)
we moved into the only house that came up after 6 months of looking,the pastor came over to BLESS US,he flat out told me "you have sin in your life,and this is why you have been placed where you are"
The house sits in what used to be gang/crack head central in town
So I told him,"what about them missionaries who get killed.beheaded ect ect on trips,does this mean they had sin also,and god is punishing them?"
I was part of the honor bound class in the same church,one of the leaders
a multi millionaire headed it up,he told his class,that there are different classes of people,the poor were there to give them a lesson in life,but the rich,had already learned them,and god blessed them,he also went on to say,that when people ask him for help (money) he asks them if they went to their family first,then the gov,then charity and it proved fruitless,then he would think about helping this goes against the bible,as the church is supposed to help one another
just a bit about me,hope you don't mind the read

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)