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I'm reading

about the SCOTUS Westboro ruling:,8599,2056613,00.html

I think Mohusk and the arresting officer are right (I watched the video) about captive audience, which SCOTUS upheld in Frisby vs. Shultz. The captive audience argument was tried by the family for the Westboro case but didn't work because the justices said the picketers were gathered lawfully, under police supervision and stayed well away from the memorial service, some 1,000 feet away. And due to the nature of the funeral the speech was protected.

The pastors at the DMV are different. They're not 1,000 feet away and their message hasn't anything to do with the proceedings at the DMV. I'd be curious to ask those pastors if they would be OK standing in line at the DMV themselves and having someone open a Koran and start reading loudly the way they did.