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you are missing a huge part of the Westboro ruling vs the people reading the Bible.

Westboro protests are at private events on private property (non-tax payer based) in many cases, not all.

The Bible readers are on a public street and public sidewalks. The fact is a captive audience is not the same as an annoyed audience for God haters going into the DMV or employees of the DMV itself.

There are plenty of DMV offices, not just one, they are not captive. In addition, Bible readers are no more annoying than other people in line talking on their cell phones. It's no different than petitioning or signature gathering at a public location, the SCOTUS have ruled that it's unconstitutional to prevent petitioning in public spaces and most private spaces that are accessible to the general public.

I have done a lot of petitioning and signature gathering and I can assure you although the police might have tried to chase me off, I knew the law. At questionable locations where we had been chased off, our attorney for the company would have some nice paperwork, called a court order that was given to us the very next day that we happily showed the PoPo when they came back to try to kik us out., saying they can't do that.