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About Rand's Biggest Mistake

I think politically what you call Rand's 'biggest mistake' was a huge success as the whole idea of this mistake was to distance Rand from Ron and from us and to make us pissed at him. He succeeded very well in this. The idea of this was to make GOP and the MSM to think that Rand is different from Ron. (He definitely is different, but how much different is an important question. For Rand's success it is important that the difference between him and his father is magnified in the eyes of GOP, MSM and the Sheeple.) The more we were pissed to Rand about Romney endorsement, the better for Rand's success and for this purpose Hannity was the best place to make the his endorsement.

But after he got his foot inside the GOP&MSM he has started to shine and through Randian liberty-shining he has gained back big proportion of Ron's supporters who were pissed at him. The big change was the Filibuster. Just few weeks before it, for example, in DP the disagreements concerning Rand were so deep that Michael created with the MODs to keep the Rand-fans there to avoid the DP turning into a full battlefield. Then happened the filibuster and the battle between Rand-likers and Rand-haters pretty much stoped.

I am also pretty sure that Ron and Rand talked about the strategy before 2010. Part of the strategy is that Rand emphazises to people that he is not his father and that there is differences between them (even if he of course says that he respects his father very much and sees him as one of the few honest politicians of our times) and that Ron always emphazises that he and Rand are 99% the same even if they have different styles of making politics. This is important as Ron speaks to us (the Ron-supporters) (others don't even really listen to him anymore) and Rand speaks to them.

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