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"If they were on an airplane

"If they were on an airplane - thats captive, if they were in the hospital - thats captive etc."

So if I HAVE to go to some stupid place and renew some pointless arbitrary paper work that the government wants, under penalty of fine or imprisonment, I'm not captive?

if these guys were on their cell phones quoting Bible verses, would it be different? NO

No the correct answer is yes.
If they were talking to other people on their cell phones their intent would be, hypothetically, to talk to someone on the other end of the line about their religion. That's ok. I'll suffer through someone having a phone conversation in my vicinity when we're all captives. If they're there to talk AT me exclusively while I'm stuck at some stupid line then that's fucked.

I smoke. I put my cigarette out if kids are within eyesight. And I stay away from people who don't like smoke as best I can while I do it; I don't want to impose unnecessarily on folks.

Some people think your religion stinks, don't blow it in our faces. If you have a good religion, you don't need to go preach it at the DMV. If you need to SELL me on it, and the only way you can SELL me on it, is for me to be a captive audience, then what you're selling is crap.