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were you trying

to make me cry?
I loved your words, I could have told/said more.but wasn't sure anyone cared to read
my experiences in the same church drove me away.
Here is another story
i worked at the same church,making 9 bucks an hour,bringing home about
1200 a month,$685 for rent,then there's electric,gas,trash pickup,gas for veh,ins for same,water.There wasn't much left for niceties,such as food
when pay raises came about,they gave me a dime,so i was making $9.10
and this was supposed to feed and clothe 5 people, Well our car broke down,so i had to walk to work (which was over 2 miles)one way, some of the people who worked there drove the same way to work,and they would honk,and keep going.So i had to walk to and from work,and all this time i was trying to get the car fixed,work,walk home,and stress as to what to do about it all
to make along story short,i took on extra jobs to make ends meet,i was never home,hardly saw my family,then after spending 15 years trying to get into GM,I FINALLY DID IT, i get told by some of them at church I AM NOT DOING THE LORDS WILL !!!
From that day forward,my whole family were treated like out casts
So we left and never went back
I am not sure how much of the spirit i have anymore,I lost what i used to know (in that spot of knowing).I believe it was because of the meds i was on
for over 6 years,I just do not feel it like i used to
the meds i was on was for an accident i had,which damaged my spine,this changed my whole perception on life,and I don't know how to get it back,if i even can.
thank you for reading

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence