Comment: I'm not a "Pro" so didn't vote, per your specs...

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I'm not a "Pro" so didn't vote, per your specs...

(even tho I think it's BS to discount people who can't pay to play here) but I have contributed financially otherwise so I guess that gives me the right to post on your thread. "who cares and why on earth do you need people's approval so badly or even any input other than your own on whether you stay or go?" was my first thought and I wasn't going to post here at all.

I don't care one way or the other - I can read your posts, I can ignore your posts. As someone I love, trust and admire said; "It's not important that we agree, it's important that we are allowed to disagree." (guess who!)

Then I read a particularly good reply and thought hey this is right on the money and should be repeated. So here it is again - wise words from coffee_sponge:

"Keep your eye on the ball: the Daily Paul is one of the most effective tools of communication the Liberty grass roots activists have. Even though I go weeks without the time to post, I maintain my Pro status if for no other reason than it helps Michael keep the lights on in this important work."