Comment: What I wrote on Ben's page, but something for everyone.

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What I wrote on Ben's page, but something for everyone.

The Federal Government is not your government. The United States is two things: 1. a description of the states in union, and 2. a federal corporation more precisely understood as a corporate agent for the states regarding international matters. Interstate commerce, for example, is an international matter between the states.

If one comprehends that the American Republics in this union are independent sovereign states, that is, countries with individual nationalities that have entered into the Union for their mutual benefit, similar to the states of the European Union, then one can begin to see that ones true country and nationality is not the United States, but the republic in which s/he was born: one of the fifty states in the union. One could be a Texan, Iowan, or Connectican, for example. For people who were borne in one of the union states they have the choice of remaining under the direct corporate jurisdiction of the United States, or correcting the presumption of their nationality in law and returning to the nationality of the state in which they were born, and its de jure jurisdiction.

With this in mind, the United States is not, and never was, a country for two reasons: 1. it is merely an international corporate agent for the states, and 2. it never had a population until the 14th Amendment disenfranchised all state nationals and Article 4 States Citizens, by redefining their nationality through operation of law. Only US citizens who reside in a state can vote.

To further comprehend the importance of this, consider that one cannot serve two masters. The land was granted to the original states by European kings long before the United States came along. This, and all other land granted to states of the union after its formation (Article 4, Section 3), continues to be the sovereign jurisdiction of the states themselves, and is foreign to the United States as a matter of international law. If the states have sole jurisdiction over their land, where is the sole jurisdiction of the United States? It is within the District of Columbia and other possessions of the United States, such as Guam, Porto Rico, US Virgin Islands, & etc.. Therefore state nationals are actually, and jurisdictionally, non-resident aliens of the US.

Additionally, The Constitution only has force and meaning within the boundaries of the states of the union. DC is not a state, and I believe will never become one. The Constitution does not apply there. So if one is a US citizen, then one is a subject of this federal corporation which exists outside of the union.

All of this is a long winded way of saying that only US (14th Amendment) statutory citizens fall under the direct jurisdiction of the federal government. They are granted Civil Liberties and Civil Rights by it, and are bound to its statutory Roman Civil Law. That which a man can give, he can take away. State nationals on the other hand have Natural Rights granted to them by their Creator, which are protected for them by their state constitutions, and they operate within the jurisdiction of the Common Law of their respective state. This is where one can claim the right to travel.

For a more complete explanation of all this read The Red Amendment:

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