Comment: Indeed, Tears and Fears, By, Of and For Gaza

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Indeed, Tears and Fears, By, Of and For Gaza

I enjoyed watching, "Tears For Gaza", 2010, by the Norwigian Film Institute, first because the music was fantastic, the selections punctuating the photographic opportunities brilliantly.

Second, the Film was from the perspective of an outstanding genius artistic eye, and the editing, though confusing in historic timeline, succeeded in placing beauty into the the absolute worse human condition in humanity, war.

Imagine, if you can, how powerful such masterful film making would expose Stalin's GuLags, or Nazi's holocast, or American led wars anywhere in the world? Death by war is not a pretty picture whether it is 1,347 killed, 574 armed martyrs (also accused by UN and international peace groups of committee crimes against humanity, including their own people, in the Gaza War specifically), or the illuminatus magic number of 6 million Jews starving, gassed, bombed, burnt, shot point blank, shot by firing line, diseased, plaqued, and buried alive, or Stalin's 200 million, "human paracites" that suffered the same conditions.

NEVER AGAIN. What will it take?

I see the UN tents, I see the kisses for Allah and I hear the prayers of revenge and hate. Is that the solution?

I see one child says they want to grow up to be a lawyer. The child, Almira, was wounded badly, lost her father and brothers, wants to become a lawyer for one reason, to fight the Israelis. Where would she go to school? How would she go to school? Can anyone here afford to go to school to be an attorney to fight what you preceive as your own injustices? I see her eyes BEG the camera, "Why are you filming and not feeding, clothing, housing us? Why are you recording, but not helping us? We can not help ourselves. We are not taught to help ourselves. We are taught to hate who we see as the enemy, Israel, who we do not know gave us this land after they won it in a bigger, bloodier war. We see you outsiders dress like us, say nice things and bring us gifts, and teach us American words like "lawyer", but you are not us. You'er really worthless to us, and in the way, making me tired of you."

I see the most darling boy, he says he wants to grow up to be the American word, "doctor", so he can help people the Israelis hurt for no reason. No reason he can ever understand. All the camera shows us that he sees are swift destroyers threatening happy boaters, who don't need to wear life jackets, or have licenses. Through the camera's eye, doing the job of Yahya for us, we see the Israeli drones, apparently collecting information on weapons for Israel within Gaza, where it is overpopulated because living by the beach is much nicer than living in the hot desert sand. The Israelis have helicopters and tanks and F-16s the camera was able to show us, as if they KNEW there was going to be a conflict. Hmmm.

The F-16s deploy rockets and phospherous bombs, filmed quite beautifully. We are shown how Gazians may not have much, but they have TV, and cars, nice clothes for weddings, and a thriving street market, and most everyone is fat. The women are seperated from the men, who dance at a wedding party, while the women sit with children. Segregated sexual society.

When the rockets explode the caches of weapons for Israel, the people scream and cry and dig the dead and wounded out, among the rubble falling on those who were not hurt by the innitial blasts. There are a few ambulances, and one UN van.. a tractor to compound the rubble that was already there, as if it was waiting for the hits. All the UN has is a school it protects by moving the people into tents. The people wait for shipments through the tunnels, but it appears the UN has it's way of providing a food bank, set up like the food bank we have where I live, and seemingly, we have more people at my food bank, where the area is much smaller than Gaza.

There is another child, Rasma, who has lost everything. She tells us in so many ways, until she is exhausted, "No one is doing anything. No one is doing anything. No one is doing anything!" She doesn't understand. What good are cameras and film making? Will it bring my family back? Will it bring me a house? Will it feed me or clothe me? Are ALL adults all over the world SO STUPID that they watch what is going on, but they don't DO anything. THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING!!!!

But they do. They hate. And hate perpetuates HATE. Hate is what gives war after war. And these children are being taught to hate. They are not taught to hate the UN that gives them tents and foods that makes them fat. The UN watches and counts numbers of dead and dying to use at UN resolution committee meetings. They do not hate the Palestinian AUTHORITY that is no where in the film. "Gaza, life without government" Is this what the anti-government ralliers among us want? The children are not taught to hate the people who sustain them with no real opportunity to become an American word like, "lawyer", or "doctor". They are taught to hate Israel, completely ungrateful that Israel returned Gaza.. they did not have to return Gaza or the West Bank.. and what do thee children pray?

They pray for Allah to, No Matter If Israel Gives ALL the land and everything back, to NEVER FORGET TO HATE THEM.

Hell of a message.

Some information for you about The Gaza War: (6 mins) (6 mins)

PEACE is NOT hating one over another for any reason, but finding reasons to LOVE. I have learned to LOVE Israel. I always loved Palestine, but for the wrong reason. Now my LOVE for Palestine is not because I hate Israel, but because I want PEACE AND LOVE for Israel and Palestine, and if it does not begin with me, how will it ever begin?

So wanna do a money bomb for Palestine? Want to send children opportunity from DP? What can we do beside hate Israel to show love for Palestine?