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First let me say congrats on your garden. And thanks for the link to that video. I LOVED it! Already passed it on. I've known about the woodchip mulch idea but haven't seen it explained as well as this video does. The fact that you haven't watered amazes me. Didn't know it could help reduce or even eliminate watering which is a huge chore. I already know how important good soil structure and mulch is, but this has added a whole new dimension and I can't wait to put it into action. I'm like you, have raised beds, but that's because my garden gets very boggy. I'm also very fortunate to have found someone who will give me free cow poo from grass-fed cows. Keep us posted as you expand your garden, as I have no doubt you'll do. I started with 3 raised beds and now have 8 and looking to make more.

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