Comment: I hate to burst everybody's

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I hate to burst everybody's

I hate to burst everybody's bubble, but before reaching conclusions some of y'all need to actually click through the linked article and read the actual joint chiefs memo.

If you do so, as I just did, it'll be fairly clear to you (though it could have been made more clear in the memo) that nobody was suggesting creating actual American casualties with any of the false flag ideas. The speak of "mock-victims" of the faked ship attack, and describe how the actual passengers on the faked civilian airliner attack would be "selected" passengers with "carefully prepared aliases" and that the airliner would replaced during the flight by a double and the passengers on the original flight then secretly landed safely at an AF base.

The memo does offer a plan of sinking a boatload of Cuban refugees "real or simulated", suggesting that they might have been actually suggesting murdering refugees, and it does offer a plan to "foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding". But other than this it reads to me as if these guys are looking at false flag alternatives (which I want to be clear that I don't condone) which would involve the (faked) reporting of casualties.

The truth is bad enough. Exaggeration just makes it look like we're all conspiracy nut jobs.

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