Comment: True. But establishing intent is part of analyzing crime...

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True. But establishing intent is part of analyzing crime...

... ie: giving consideration to malice aforethought.

Key sentence above (and not an unreasonable hypothesis, given the sort of "government psychology" which has developed over time in our national security state):

If 9/11 was an inside job, and it was, Northwoods demolishes the argument which prevents many people from looking at the evidence: that the idea that our government would attack its own people is preposterous.

I think that's the key point the poster is attempting to convey. You may of course assume more at your own pleasure! ; )

Also from the article itself (Please note "willingness".):

Skeptics of the official story backed by the US government on the events of 9/11 have frequently cited Operation Northwoods as evidence of the willingness of elements of the American government to wage false flag attacks, i.e. attacks planned by elements of the government on Americans in order to blame another party, and to, in the words of the Northwood memo, "provide justifications" for declaring war on that party.

What would the Founders do?