Comment: Fifty years of rivalry shenanigans

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Fifty years of rivalry shenanigans

Steve Pieczenik (black ops insider/psychiatrist, helped negotiate Camp David Accords) states (see video) there has long existed a conflict between government agencies involving rogue elements operating secretly and illegally (as in Benghazi). Recall Iran-Contra (secret sale of arms to Iran deteriorated into an arms-for-hostages scheme). Eisenhower warned about the CIA in “Legacy of Ashes” which also describes how the rivalries within the military prevented cohesive action when Pearl Harbor occurred. Notwithstanding those who argue Operation Northwoods as being separate from 9/11, it’s not a stretch for me to conclude that the same criminal activity in existence now has existed for many years in some form as Pieczenik alleges and in some cases are in cahoots with foreign covert agencies including Mossad and ISI; the history of cover-ups is too pervasive, ie JFK, the USS Liberty (LBJ coverup), Oklahoma City,9/11. If Hillary Clinton is as incompetent as Pieczenik maintains, we should be concerned that her cavalier “who cares?!” attitude reflects the same kind of sociopathic go along/get along mindset that has encouraged the CIA and rogue elements to commit their secret nefarious deeds without any accountability. Making the public aware of the hidden agendas via posts like this makes it easier for us to suggest the likelihood that a) at a minimum our government and military have reached extreme ineptness and an inability to function effectively often at cross purposes with each other and/or b) criminal deeds have and will continue to be committed by our government including false flag terrorist attacks.

May 9 2013 Steve Pieczenik Bombshell Interview

Pieczenik: John Brennan, Director of the CIA,(with authority from Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton) formed an illegal covert unit known as “off line, off the books” which was never officially registered and was used as a counterforce against Petraeus and the CIA (which was legally charged with creating arms shipments into Syria) in order to undermine the military overseeing the CIA. He states HC (and Obama presumably) allowed Brennan (who was a non-operative/civilian) to create paramilitary units that infringed on the military, ie they initiated drone warfare that was illegal in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan and created a civil war in Pakistan involving the Pakistani Army, the ISI and the CIA.