Comment: "NSA monitored a highly

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"NSA monitored a highly

"NSA monitored a highly credible conference call"

Stop right there......they still dont get it......WHO THE FUCK GAVE THEM THE AUTHORITY.......they cant just decide to JUSTIFY it AFTER the fact (again), they CANNOT justify what they've DONE and most ASSUREDLY they CAN NOT justify HOW they went about DOING it......their methods would suit in perfectly to those countries they like to demonize, they are their own worse enemy, and were just the gobsmacked sidelined viewers looking at this self defeating spectacle.......demonizing others for the actions they do themselves, then changing those actions to be GOOD well intentioned actions......well, what does that mean to the countries you tried demonizing over those starting to think the job of "leaders" is to purposefully keep "their" people in turmoil to limit the risk to their hold in power should the people do the sensible thing and stand side by side