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Naw. the NSA simply got their phone taps mixed up. They were listening to their CIA brethren, and mistook the 'conference call' between them and Mossad as 'actionable intelligence'.
Every Tuesday, they hold this 'conference call' and have a theme called 'Talk like an Egyptian'. Of course, they practice their Farsi, and they go as far as to dress up in white robes and checkered kerchiefs...apparently, some clown over in Arlington brought some 'party favors' (from the Opium fields that their/our troops are 'protecting' in 'Ganjistan') and things got a little out of hand in the conference call. Soon enough, the NSA snoops were hearing 'Durka durka,...Mohammed Jihad!', and decided to close the U.S. embassies.
Terrorists ALWAYS use SKYPE for their 'conference calls'.
Don't miss the Wednesday fun, NSA boys! On Wednesdays, the groups try to figure out how to get weapons into a third-party nation from a second-party nation that they have already overthrown.Thursdays are reserved for 'bash/"Boston Brakes" the whistle blower' day...
SEE how easy it is to forget ALL about Bengazi, 'Fast And Furious', IRS/Tea Party, Obamacare, 'Birth certificate', and all those OTHER 'messy' things?