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Work the Blogs!

For your edification, I point you to a website that you are no doubt familiar with:

The 'defunding within a timeline' thing is an old, and irrelevant statement. If you and I were there BEFORE December 23, 1912, in the halls of Congress, we MIGHT have been able to pull this off. President Wilson (the United States puppet of WWI) could have been stopped...

You DO REALIZE that the United States has been under a 'state of National Emergency', since Roosevelt's declaration in 1933, DON'T YOU?

It's not able to be countered by peaceful means.
It's inevitable that this nation will be destroyed.
To illustrate, here is a video set to the backdrop of the U.S.S. Arizona (I presume):

I disagree with your statement. NO 'defunding' at this point in our history could possibly stop the inevitable collapse. Those who do not take action now will live to regret their decisions.