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Yeah, using the WOD as a constant get out of personal responsibility free card when it comes to 'urban youth' is beginning to wear thin in my POV too.

Don't get me wrong, I think the WOD is at best a useless, costly, and misguided effort, at worst a literal war on a large portion of Americans, but using it and/or anything else people can think of as an excuse/rationalization for this sort of behavior is ridiculous.

IMO, this behavior has reached the level it has precisely because so many people keep going out of their way to blame someone or something else, rather than, y'know, point the finger at those who display and encourage such behavior.

There are many victims of the WOD, and of the system in general-- who don't go around committing the sort of acts that seems to be not only (reluctantly) tolerated by others, but oftentimes encouraged by many in the black community; lest they start getting accused of 'acting white'...whatever that's supposed to mean.

I've lived all over the country, mostly in metro/urban areas, and while most of these places have been very diverse both culturally and racially, it was virtually always the young black males who caused the bulk of the trouble out on the street, and I'm not talking about pushing a little bit of pot to feed the family.

Like you say, it's not the drugs, it's the other crimes that drive businesses (and would-be employees) away from these neighborhoods-- namely rape and murder.

Also! I'm aware that my paragraphs are all really just a bunch of single, run-on sentences, except for this one, of course, because I'm trying not to type a wall of text you see, so I'm going to keep this last sentence short by stopping right here...there.

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