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I agree with your first half

I don't agree with your second half.. the reason is my experience with "secret societies".. maybe if they were called PRIVACY clubs, for really, the "secrecy" was all about their belief that they don't need or want a nanny government minding their business, they didn't need or want social security, they didn't need or want corproate personhood, they didn't need or want central banking... they were INDEPENDNT, adn believed that good neighbors who stood together based on the foundation of God, political ability and privacy were how to maintain control over their own lives.. rather than fall for government control.

I asee the YouTubes against them as very misleading propeganda to turn the youth away, disabling them to reap the benefits their great grandparents had.

What is the opposite of a zionist? A globalist. If you believe Israel does not deserve to be a sovreign state, how can you calim that you should have a sovreign state, and if you don't believe in being a sovreign state, what have you got left, a global government that send foreign troops in with WMD to contrain your "free" ideas.. you become isolated.. how does that help any effort for freedom? You agaiunst the UN.. how are you going to win, no privacy, no arms, no sovreignity, educate me please.

Studying these secret societies by reading their work, and going to meetings and seeing for yourself, is a much better way to KNOW who they are and what they do then watching YouTube that programs you believe what they want you to believe.

Here's some links to MY secret society The Grange
The CA state Grange went Green.. and is now lost their charter,, there are what is called pomona and sibordinate granges.. but these are dying, and the truth is, we Americans are losing some of the best tools Americans ever had to suatain privacy and liberty as the smear campaign continues in the name of green and global