Comment: Who can explain this?

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Who can explain this?

You decisive people (smiley face)

I am posting after a complaint that my point wasn't understood. which is understood.
I placed all the information together here the best way.
Hope you find it interesting!
Now I can't explain it all I just did this research today! I don't know just like you.

*****Copy of Jill Booth Comment Inserted First -Ends at Stars.

(He rubs shoulders with the worst of the worst (Bruce Fein)
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This guy doesn't ring true.
If Sibel Edmonds calls him to question, that is a concern to me.)*********

Research on the topic above alone in regards to credibility - The rest I just find fascinating

Succinctly put,

1. look for anomalies in the vid above between 2:15 and 2:26 when Lon lowers his eyes or stares off for moments. (There are more but look at your leisure)
and compare to how he Opens his eyes to fix it.

2. Mathew 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in
the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as
serpents, and harmless as doves. (added for effect ☺ )

3. I don't trust Bruce. What have we been doing here
at the Daily Paul? Learning and taking over the systems of control in government. We are aware of tons of dirty tricks
which work- when they can say whatever seems plausible on either side- the people buy it and the same agenda continues. That's the SYSTEM. Therefore you can't just jump on the Bruce Bandwagon and hope. Stay alert Thats how tricks occur. They want to play both sides to win.

4. Have you looked at the evidence for yourself, more specifically at the you-tube videos? If you have not you may have enacted the same thought process of the people we marginalize as sheep. Just at a higher awareness.

5. If you HAVE seen the vids, that's fine too since I'm covering most points.

6. This is a steep hill to climb and Concerns about the video being edited become important.

7. If the video looks edited then toss it
however why do the subjects then react to their own face confirming a reactional intent to avoid detection? When they don't need cover from someone present, if they are looking into the camera- its hard to see the eyes.
Examples: take a QUICK PEEK TAKE A QUICK PEEK (1:55 You've got to say Scarborough looks menacing!) Rep Jim Himes (45 sec to 1:15 trouble with voice) (3:13- 3:32 trouble with eyes)}

And each time its when it is an important issue or when we need someone on the other side speaking for us. What I'm saying is why does it keep coming up.
Pay attention to this during really important issues and you will see it yourself.

What is is the Point. Use this information and keep it on the back-burner and as a guardrail to tell yourself to "Pay attention to the system- and block it entirely". For that is what they do to us. Pay attention to associations.
Deceit hides behind associations and facades

Oh he is not recording me, he is talking on the phone.
She is not cheating she just has later work hours
He is not bailing on the date. He is just going to the bathroom.
I lost my dog, can you hop in this van and help me find him?

You've got to be able to see what Im saying by the association. The same way you would a magic trick.
Why is the vid pix-elated low quality?
Why is the viewing window smaller?
Why can i connect with the message but not with the person talking? etc
Who put out the video?

This information only serves to have you think more comprehensively in specific instances

When the entirety of the situation outweighs a stream of information that IS possible to believe, pay attention. That's where you find trouble.

The information should be debated and not the sender. I'm seeing what you see and find it weird. I decided to say something. And that was tough to do. If you don't address the information, then its not a rational debate. Can I have an explanation from someone better than this?

UPDATE: Almost forgot This is nothing against the Snowden revelations which we all need but if you look at this information doesn't it put you in a weird position as I, if you take it seriously?

If you continue to do research on youtube you will find that there alot of BS videos of clips thrown together with strange music and digital warping that basically waste your time. Ive seen a lot more convincing types but you get the idea. And if you just think based on what Ive presented You can type up your own keywords and use intuition and find weird stuff yourself on c span etc.