Comment: Here's how it works.....

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Here's how it works.....

With automation, fewer people are needed to work productively, so then they can become bureaucrats, or NSA spies, or work for the military industrial complex, etc, etc.

And then they rob us of our money, which means we have to keep working long hours, despite the promises of ease from automation.

So, supposedly our productivity keeps going up, but any excess is taken from us.

So we never get ahead, and we're still working 40+ hours a week.

While I do appreciate the improved working conditions and ease of work provided by automation, I think that can go too far. Sometimes we outsmart ourselves. Now we are beginning to suffer from lack of use of our bodies - obesity, diabetes, etc.

I once read that horses have behavior problems when locked in a stall because they are wired to be grazing up to 14 hours a day. That is what makes a horse.

Now we lock humans up in a stall, instead of using our natural survival skills, and I don't see it as healthy. I live on a small farm, and had my kids digging up a garden with a hand shovel. My boy reported years later on a job he was the only one who knew how to use a shovel.