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Comment: No sale

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No sale

I read the review and I have many contentions concerning the ideas expressed in those words. That looks like a book that I would be scribbling in red ink on the pages of my copy, and I would probably get to a point quickly where I threw the book on a dusty shelf.

Here is one example:

__________________________________________________ rework the Articles of Confederation into a Constitution that would last into "remote futurity,"

That is false. The false advertisement campaign put on by the so called Federalists was advertised as a "pay off the debt" problem that would be discussed during a meeting in Philadelphia.

They closed the doors and gave everyone GAG ORDERS once the "pay off the debt" discussion started in Philadelphia.

The Central Bankers saw their MONOPOLY going away, when Shays's Rebellion proved how well Free Market Government works, so they had to do something, and there were plenty of crooks in the South who were perfectly willing to trade for DESPOTISM instead of Free Market Government since those slave traders had problems keeping slaves happy, whereby the slaves had a habit of running away to choose a better Republic to live in.

The Dirty Compromise documents exactly what it documents, which is the end of Liberty and the making of crime into LAW.

That is a good reference but not as good as this one:

Here is where I part with Murray Rothbard on how things work in reality, since Murray claims that Spooner is a "monetary crank," like, to me, a two bit hustler claiming that Ben Bernanke is an amateur.