Comment: So your sticking point is the transition?

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So your sticking point is the transition?

You can see it working (robots and no human jobs so everything is free) but you can't see how to get there. That's a problem I worked on for a number of years. It was actually the free market discussions here on DP that solved the how for me.

The only obvious solution is for wages to rise exponentially as robotics takes over. This will have lots of short term consequences but long term, it will result in earlier retirement ages. As those ages recede faster, families will return to the single income "bread winner" model which supports much less social problems. This accelerates the rise of the poor and the equality of all. While this too has many short term consequences, the real long term result is that goods and services required to support a family for their lifetime will no longer require more than a decade or so of single income work. Some will choose to save more. Others will choose to work sporadically to match a small income and small expenses to some job that needs only minimal highly experienced attention.

In the end, the final result is that money will become so ubiquitous and prices so low (in hours worked) that people will lose the necessity of even keeping track. Money will become insignificant. At that point, most jobs will be more a charitable labor of love or a hobby and your transition will be complete.