Comment: I've been thinking about this all day and there's no way

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I've been thinking about this all day and there's no way

without significantly lowering standards of living and quality of life; and without an all-powerful central government.

Think of all the jobs that are uniquely human and how odd or boring life would be without them. Would it be much fun to watch two robots drag race? Would it feel the same to get a bouquet of robot assembled flowers? How about a cheesesteak with just a touch of hots from a robot. I can see it now, all over the world millions of times a minute: "I'm sorry I didn't get that. Could you please repeat? I'm sorry, I still didn't get that. Please try again later. Next!"
I saw a guy hanging out of a second story window fixing the soffit on a roof today and wondered how a robot could do that job. There's millions of things people do and want that robots and robo-world just can't account for. I'll use myself as an example:
I want a boat. Actually, I want a boat AND an addition to my house, and I like to get a couple of donuts at 7-11 now and then. In robo-world, I can't imagine that a guy could have his very own boat and decide to make his house big just because he wants to. But, in the human world, I can trade my creative and productive value for things that I want. Some human will build my boat and some other humans will help me build my addition because I will give them something they can then trade for their own boats or robots or whatever they want. Things couldn't possibly work that way in robo-world. The central controller or a democratic process (i.e. minority loses) would have to decide what people can have.

No, the robot world of free everything is a pipe dream dreamed by the young and inexperienced.