Comment: The Broken Window. The Evil ruled and still is.

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The Broken Window. The Evil ruled and still is.

The bottom lines are that if it were not for the collectivist plunder initiated in 1913 in America, in the footsteps of miserable, suicidal Europeans fools of the 1850s, as Bastiat and others had finally unleashed their reflections against that sort of infamy, we would ALREADY live today in a much better world where the offsprings of the 1800s America would be counted by dozens in many cultures, all over the place, and without the memory of a WWI, then WWII, then today's undiscontinued wars.

We are still barely scratching the surface of the full potential of the sparkles of progress made in the 19th and 20th century despite the utter evil that ruled and still is.

The Broken Window.

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