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Well Joe

From my perspective, The USA government and AIPAC work to make secular pacs with Israel for us, because they know there is something about Israel besides stratigic location (military, oil, tech, WMD.. ).. and they don't want a falling out, I think some politicains know, they understand the wisdom.. many are amazed by what they would call luck.. Israel really isn't interested in our tax money.. they actually feel bad for American tax payers which is why they GIVE us technology, medical advancements, it's actually a very long list, that we the people don't get because these corporations buy and make patents and then hope to sell it to the MIC ($$$$$), which AIPAC is a link.. and I don't agree with AIPAC or the US government for that alone.. they are missing the boat.

Now if it makes YOU FEEL better waxing about your tax dollars going to Israel.. WAX ON.. don't ever bother mentioning the UN or Islamic and communist nations who the USA gives YOUR tax dollar.. why bother? You see there are MANY who are AGANSIT Israel and it makes you feel popular to go along to get along, being ANTI-ISRAEL. Have at it.

It doesn't phase me because it's not about me. I STAND WITH ISRAEL on levels I don't go into because I'm not going to throw pearls (of wisdom) before those who are interesting in HATING (in the name of peace).

HATE AWAY Joe.. have at it!

Israel is doing great. I'm doing GREAT! Hope you are doing GREAT too.