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My problem with the articles

Is mostly that they laid down to get rolled over by the new Constitution.

The argument for powerful national government, where there even is one acceptable to liberty, is that it prevents 'worser' government from grabbing the national reins.

I love the idea of the articles, but they proved ineffective because basically they were powerless to stop our current federal government from inserting itself upon us.

I know that is sort of a bass-ackwards argument, but I'm trying to say that there's a principle of politics:

You can't legislate weakness, only strength. This is the opposite of the positive/negative rights argument. It's sort of the argument that the Army can't build nations, only destroy them.

Basically, if the articles were good enough, then all we'd really need is alliance between the states. Completely voluntary by treaty - if common defense is our goal - otherwise why associate at all?

The purpose of the Articles, and the later constitution, was to prevent a situation where - say the Northern states - just invade the Southern states and completely utterly rule them. This sort of basically happened, but mind you it wasn't until the South broke out of the constitution that it did. And yes, the reason they did so was because they perceived this inevitability anyway.

So I think we do need a powerful constitution to manage what happens with all the nukes, and the free stuff army, and the mortgages, etc. in a way where none of it turns into everybody just going to war.

Think of it like this: if the South and West were to secede, then the NSA and drones of the North would have even LESS reason to not be used against them. And if you think they wouldn't because that would mean war. Yeah, that's my point.

I guess if there's a massive conspiracy we're all screwed anyway. But, I imagine there are otherwise reasonable people who would support war and conflict in a certain context without a governing law. This is whom I worry about.

We need a constitution basically because without one the neocons and progressives would kill all of us