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You might see it like that

But I see Israel as a VICTOR and brave and prosperous and righteous. What happened to the Jews, they learned and adopted a motto NEVER AGAIN!!!

The Jews did not flush the Palestinians from their land. After the Ottoman Empire fell in WWI, when Palestine was TURKISH, the British occupied it, and since Europe was sick of years of bloodshed, the Brits thought they could set a predetor trap, draw the Jews to Israel, and the Grand Mufti agreed, he sent the Palestians off the land to prepare the trap.. but it backfired.. four wars the Israelis WON WON WON WON against ALL odds.. it is THEIRS, while the NEW voctims, the Palestinian people are oppressed and suppressed under Palestinians AUTHORURT, Islamic AUTHORITY and UN AUTHORITY.

Israel is now THE ONLY SOVREIGN NATION IN THE WORLD. I see no victims. I see people who FIGHT for FREEDOM, LIBERTY, SOVREIGNITY, and they are WINNING and they will WIN, because they are not apathetic or crying. Just today, Israel set free nearly 100 Palestinians who mudered Jews, not because anyone asked, but because being a prison state isn't who they are nor want to be.

If you're not FOR ISRAEL, you're a sucker for Tyranny.