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So who do you stand with?

My guess is that you don't know who you stand with, so let me inform you.

By not standing with Israel, you stand with a trifica of TYRANNY, first being the corrupt and inept Palestinian AUTHORITY who has no constitution, and job is to oppress and supress the Palestinian people, by refusing to accurately represent them, refusing to administer justice, and forcing them into the second TYRANNY of Islam AUTHORITY, who controls them with murdering gangs that enforce Sharia law without courts, for sexual orientation and extra-marital affairs, drugs and alcohol, no women's or children's rights, and appreciating the freedom of Israel, which leads us to the third TYRANNY, the UN AUTHORITY/UN AGENDA, that keeps them from making peace by giving food and used clothing handouts, tents, and seeking to monitor /"witness" the misery of the Palestinian people so they can make a case for another resolution against Israel, the ONLY nation that refused to give up their SOVREIGNITY when they signed the UN Charter.

The campaign against Israel is led by the UN AGENDA and the communist and Islamic nations seeking to force ALL nations into a global central bank led enslavement of ALL people, wanting to make ALL people like the Palestinians. Is that what you want? To be like a Palestinian?

Israel is not a paracite by a LONG shot. Of all the nations the US taxpayer funds through globalist efforts in our congress, betraying our own constitution, and the money given to the UNAID, Israel receives far less than most. And what do you get for your tax money?

For the money going to the UN, you get more refugee camps and global police, most going to communist and Islamic nations who already get American tax payer money for a never ending war on drugs, a global police state that undermines nations sovreignity, and arming the corrupt who buy castles and jets and swap the blood of their people for champagne and slaves.

For the money given to Israel, you get corporations making patents off the FREE technilogical, medical, environmental advancements, Israel gives the American people. These corporate theives hold onto the patents in hopes, to sell to the MIC for a profit, and why the LOVE the UN AGENDA.

If Detroit was in Israel, it would not be bankrupt and sold for scrap, it would be a thriving auto industry providing tens of thousands of well paid jobs. Detroit is the writing on America's wall, "stand with Palestine and you will fall like Detriot".

Foreign aid in not immoral, but it is unconstitutional, which is more important politicaly speaking. Giving to the poor is not immoral, it's how the money is taken, by force, and where and how it's being used. That is not Israel's fault. That is our own.

For decades the UN has been funding a campaign in the name of global peace in America, provided by the globalists in America, blaming Israel, so that many Americans, stand with the UN, and the communists and Islamic majority that control the UN AGENDA of AUTHORITY and TYRANNY for all.

I STAND WITH ISRAEL because Israel stands for sovreignity and the right of the Israelis to self determination, in a state that protects their rights, advances humanity which is growing forests, greening the desert, and showing the world, we don't need a UN Agenda.


Maybe you should begin asking yourself why you reject Israel and stand with tripple AUTHORITY who takes more of your tax dollars than Israel.. and you don't complain, never mention them, just bash Israel? Is it because you feel that the majority can't be wrong, or is it that like the majority, you didn't do your homework?