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Comment: No Random.

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No Random.

There isn't 1 speck of random anywhere in the universe. Are our thumbs random? NO. They're the product of specific growth. Randomness doesn't exist - and as for the not-yet-understood subatomic particles and every other experience physical or otherwise....

They all operate under the influence of the Law of Attraction which states that similar vibrations attract each other and dissimilar ones repel each other.

You never RANDOMLY turn down a street.
It's not RANDOM when something you talk about pops up on TV
It's not RANDOM when you bump into ANYONE.

The bird doesn't find its food RANDOMLY.
The fawn doesn't know how to walk after birth RANDOMLY.
It's not RANDOM for a fish to swim upstream.

Animals are born following their instincts. Humans are born following their impulses. We just don't understand how that process works. And I'm explaining here: behavior follows thought, and thought is magnetically CHARGED. The charge determines the behavior, every single time. No randomness. It fits every time.