Comment: There is nothing to argue about!

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There is nothing to argue about!

You can argue all day about circumcision being mutilation or not but you are all missing the point.

Sex is better for men AND women when the man is uncircumcised!

There's a ton more articles just like that one.

Maybe some circumcised men are fine with what they've got but the fact is they don't know what they are missing. I read it in a comment below where someone mentioned that the glans is a mucous membrane and removing the foreskin causes it to dry out. This alone would explain why sex is not as pleasing for circumcised men. Their dried out. Even if you recreate your foreskin, does the mucous membrane rehydrate?

The fact remains that if you wash your penis like any other body part you are no more likely to get an infection. The hygienic reasons for circumcision disappeared with the invention of SOAP!

Why are people so adamant about circumcising children when they don't even know what they are taking away from them in future pleasure and sexual satisfaction?

I think more pleasurable sex only is reason enough to not circumcise a child. Not to mention that foreskin exists for a reason and to think we as men can make the decision that it is useless is probably the same reason we have governments that systematically destroy our lives.