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What a load...

So you smoked bushels of weed and every other drug and still worked.

You expected to get fired if caught, but never did?

Now you're hypocritically claiming the other guy couldn't handle being 'stoned out of his mind' on pot, but you could.

What a load.

Some of the hardest workers I have had work for me were stoners. The straight edge kids were useless. They were afraid of all the equipment and thought they deserved better pay, treatment, you name it. They would quit within a week or two, every time. The stoners didn't care, they'd work all day, do everything I asked, and would do it pretty well when taught, so long as I didn't care what they did on their own time.

If it weren't for stoners this country would fall apart. The majority of blue collar workers get high somehow, mostly because they are stuck as blue collar workers.

Just look at Washington DC. Most of them don't smoke weed and they have destroyed this country. Garry Johnson, Ron Paul... the legalize weed advocates are the best political minds out there.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?