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Appreciate it, Michael!

I enjoyed your historical comparisons and looked for even more, but could only find this decent, albeit gram/paragraphically challenging piece with some good points:

Watergate – Snowdengate: Differences and Similarities. 40 years of walking in (the) desert in search of democracy by Dmitry MININ | 20.07.2013

… He (Snowden) destroyed the deeply rooted myth about US struggle, (including the Obama administration's) aimed at freedom for all. The global crusade to protect democracy has turned into global eavesdropping and monitoring. PRISM looks like the pervading Big Brother from Orwell’s 1984. The disclosures have also inflicted great damage on IT Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple and others. (4) These companies suffer financial losses and their reputations are undermined. That’s why, no matter all the evidence produced, they stubbornly refuse to admit the fact of close cooperation with US special services giving away the information on clients. 

The main difference between Snowdengate and Watergate is that back then it was one political party they were conducting subversive actions against the rival, now the two are together violating people’s privacy worldwide. The snooping takes place no matter who is in power; it has flourished during Obama’s tenure matching well with and becoming an element of his «soft power» strategy. It has intensified to a larger extent in comparison with the time there was less talk about democracy. Hypocrisy and duplicity have dominated the scene, something Snowden could not stand anymore.