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Half correct

It is about Hillary because they want Hillary.

It appears to me, what they have done, is set it up so that if Rand accepts a interview on CNN or MSNBC, they will admonish him for breaking with their resolution (This is because I believe Rove wants Hillary). ALL networks besides CNN and MSNBC will NOT have Rand, they will have all the other "candidates".

This is to move Rand Indy (OUT!).. and while many here say GREAT!!!!, what they don't understand is Indy's have no committees, no voice, no representation, thus they have no back ups.. I worked with Nader three elections. I KNOW, we needed 8 third parties and 500K Indy's to petition 49 states, Oklahoma will NOT put an Indy on a ballot.. we won dozens of law suits from dozens of states and lost every law suit that wasn't dropped. BOTH parties worked together against us BRUTALLY (talk about broken bones, false arrests, harrasment, vandalid police breaking las... we got it in spades (and Democrats were far worse.. GOP LOL, Democrats attack), and to be honest, Ron Paul's campaigns were CAKE WALKS by comparison (Nader had bail pools to get people out of jail.. that is now illegal under the patriot act)..

Now an Indy run could be the way Rand goes.. that will render him in the same, actually worse, position than Ron, because a GOP spoiler like GJ could run with GOP money and MSM attention..

The GOP was planning on closing shop.. Ron Paul blew the doors off (why there were seats to be had), so they were delayed, and Rand is dalaying it.. so they are going to eliminate him (and us who are in for him).. and they will fold into the GOP, giving us ONE PARTY to represent the USA as a state in the UN/ global government/ civil war like Egypt, Syria, etc

OR ideally.. we would flood the GOP, OCCUPY the GOP, and Stand with Rand .. now they would not hear the resolution giving a voice to grassroots.. so there is no more grassroots on the convention floors, this is a fat cat GOP (and they don't give a damn.. because they KNOW THIS IS A FIGHT. We are the ones who think this is a game, and it's just too bad we are not playing this game to win, but playing this game to cry.