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You crack me up

Buddy. I bet some one who works for you right now is on pills.
I bet some one who works for you right now gets drunk all the time but you have no idea.

I wonder why you don't know.

I guess its because marijuana is the only drug that stays in your system for so long.

So the only way you are going to find out if your employees are on drugs is if you catch them right on the spot.

Good luck with that moron.

I bet you are some a$$hole who fires people who literally smoked a joint 3 weeks ago, but was sober as ever the day you fired him.

Do you take any prescribed medications?

I should fire you a$$hole.

I had enough of people like you.

And actually you don't deserve the right to drug test me or anybody else. Unless somebody is stupid enough to sign your dumb ass contract. If you want to fire somebody, man the f up and fire him or her. Don't go looking for excuses, you coward.