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The case for left libertarianism

I followed the arguments on wiki for awhile. Basically libertarian was coined in French and imported into English in the 1800s. In France it referred to an individual rights strain of democratic socialism. Classical liberals took on the label in the 1950s to distinguish themselves from new liberalism. There has been some exchange of ideas between the left and the right strains since the 1990s, leading to the appearance of a single origin. For me, considering left libertarian ideas has made me an anti-corporatist right libertarian. To the extent that a business owner or employee is responsible for damaging a third party in the course of business, that owner or employee should be held personally responsible. No limited liability contract exists between a third party and the business. However for some reason corporate capitalists believe the government can bestow a business owners and employees with personal immunity from the consequences of their actions. Where does that power come from?