Comment: Oh god just because someone

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Oh god just because someone

holds a different opinion than you do does not make them trolls. This video makes me so sad at many levels. I am all for protest but when you see clueless people who are so brainwashed and perhaps paid by public employee unions to protest a governor trying reign in government and fight a budget shortfall that will still leave Wisconsin at a 500M dollar deficit in 2017, I just have to face palm.

I'm going to go protest that I don't have free housing, free food, a lucrative pension paid by my fellow citizens, oh and one month sick leave, 10 personal days, double time on my birthday whether I work it or not, et al. I intend to get arrested and post the video on youtube and I hope that Chris comes to my defense and calls anyone a troll who calls me a clueless government owned socialist who is only looking out for my well being because those people are just all the stupid saps who have to pay for it all...right?