Comment: The issue here, once again is...

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The issue here, once again is...

Cops are f---ed up.

Notice how they systematically picked out the weakest people in the group. One at a time. Like a Predator. Like "Predator", the movie.

The hippie. The loner. The old. The young girl. One by one.

Like cowards.

And they know what they are doing is unconstitutional. They know they are violating your rights. They truly believe they can get away with it.

Their masters told them get rid of the protesters. Tough task. But someone's gotta do it. They use force.

When force is used by anyone illegally against you, you have the right to physically defend yourself, and your fellow citizen has the right to come to your defense.

There are many court rulings that set this as legal precedent.

See: John Bad Elk vs. US... and there are lots of others...

One of these days, likely soon, people will have to stand up to illegal abuse of power by government. And that will have to become the norm, if we the people are ever to be taken seriously by our government, and force a return to a government of, by, & for the people.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?