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I moved to SC from CT in November 2012

People here are sick of big-government. A lot of people. Normal people. Rich people. Poor people. The military people. Everyone. They don't trust it.

If they follow what's happening, they don't trust Washington.

Otherwise there are people who just have no clue whatsoever, about anything 'political'.

As for no one knowing who Lee Bright is on another national or international political website comment board, well Lee Bright was elected by the people of South Carolina, to be a state senator here. So obviously a lot of folks here know who he is, and his reputation. And those who don't will be able to find out fast.

I think there is good chance with the right amount of spotlight to wake up enough zombies to have a good chance ousting Graham.

The question is... will they rig it?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?