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This is what a substantial portion of the AIPAC budget is allocated for. These worthless talking heads attempt to influence whomever may be currently tuned in to their ridiculous banter in a failing attempt to subliminally sway their base from the truth. And it is much easier to accomplish this by interjecting the perceived vision of the
"dread-locked civil libertarian." Clearly an AIPAC tactic to minimize Ron Paul supporters in the eyes of the average,targeted MSNBC viewer. My personal fave is how the audio engineers insert individual chuckles and laughs when none of the commentators lips are even moving.The "news" in America is not really a newscast at all. It is a short movie that is fabricated with all of the digital editing and budgetary resources of a blockbuster Hollyweird movie. And all of these "newscasters" are just actors who are paid handsomely to take part in the play and continue the AIPAC charade for the unsuspecting American people.Pathetic display for the so called Beacon of Freedom on planet earth.

Jack Rose