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When you say that "Rand is a traitor", you say, "I did not do what Ron Paul wanted me to do and join the GOP. I thought I was smarter than Ron Paul and that MY way was a better way. My way was to steal Ron Paul's message and either vote for another Republican named GJ, or write in Ron Paul's name as if he was not a Republican, because my hatred for Republicans goes beyond my appreciation for Ron Paul. I can't even hear Rand because he is a Republican and his message is not so easy to steal, it just stinks with that GOP stinch. I refuse to get dirty being associated with the GOP, not even to clean it up. I don't know much about politics, but what I do know is that I hate the GOP and want it to die."

Had you done what Ron Paul asked and joined the GOP, you would not call Rand a traitor, because you would understand that many delegates were STEALTH, and the GOP was seeking to OUT them, so Rand's message woke them up, and they were able to remain as delegates and fight for Ron on the NRC floor.

I don't think this matters to someone like you who steals messages for their own self important political goal.

So why not tell me how much you LOVE Ron Paul, but hate his son, who Ron Paul says he agrees with 99%. Rand has his own message, he's not a theif or a traitor. I'm sorry you are unable to see that, and what's more, sorry you think you're clean just because you wouldn't get dirty to fight for your own liberty.