Comment: Levin has it right, opponents are stupid or status quoists

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Levin has it right, opponents are stupid or status quoists

I appreciate the mention of me, my book and the group Friends of the Article V Convention. I am thrilled that someone with such high media status and credibility like Mark Levin has come in strong support of using the constitutional method of fixing our very sick nation. To oppose using what the Founders gave for good reason means that you are either stupid, lack critical thinking skills, or have a personal interest in protecting the current corrupt, dysfunctional and ever worsening federal government. Levin is absolutely correct; we need to use the Article V convention option to fix the structural, systemic core problems with the current system that is so perverted and corrupted by the two party plutocracy. True conservatives and all others who genuinely respect our Constitution and who recognize that elections no longer can fix things should passionately support using the Convention option. I have published countless articles trying to educate Americans about this option, but still, as evidence by many posts on this and other websites, far too many people fear a convention when they really should fear sticking with the status quo controlled by the rich and powerful elites on the right and left who fear a convention for the reforms it could create that Congress would never propose. Check out and my articles (Joel S. Hirschhorn).

You get delusional prosperity in a delusional democracy