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First, I did not post to insult you. You want to believe that I insulted you because from the perspective one one who is being persecuted by me, someone who you call a Neocon, which is an insult, it empowers you to attack me.

You have permisssion to attack me because this is America, and that's your right. You do not have to take offense when none was intentionally given to you, so why would you? You said it yourself in your post, PLURALISM.

Pluralism is the art of self deception.

There are 1.2 million Jews seeking amnesty to Israel because as Islam grows, the attack on Jews grow. Plurastically speaking, one can make excuses such as, "it was the individual and not Islam". We see this same plualism in corporate behavior.

I can even go so far to say, The Art of War is pluralism, as this is how you can self righteously attack me claiming I insulted YOU, because you preceive I attacked Islam.. so, you can be Islam without being Islam at your descression, as a CEO for a corporation can be that corporation or not at their descression.

Not that you care, but you might find it interesting, that I supported and voted for Ralph Nader in 92, 96, Y2k, 04 and 08. How neocon is that? I would say it's not Neocon at all. Yes recently wiki changed the defination of what is a Neocon.. a Neocon is someone who supports Israel's right to exist. Just because of a wiki change in definition, I am now a Neocon.. Wiki is a corporation, pluristic, the collective defines the individual, the individual has no right to define themselves, another art of war against the individual by a collective.

I think it's very healthy to have positive discussions. If you want to help others find their spiritual path in Islam, I am not opposed, as I think religious freedom has been the greatest gift God gave me being born an American. And as an American women, I have no doubt, Islam is not for me and I'd have been stoned to death before I was 11 years old, my nature being what it is, individual, not pluralistic. So it is not fear, but that fact, I AM who I am, and have no excuse, no alternative, no one to blame other than myself. No one else is me, and I do not have the power to control who or what exists, but to accept what is, in my limited ability as a human being born into a world I have no control.

I am not trying to control you. I am not posting to insult you, and it's my shame that you choose to find offense to attack me with purpose in defending not yourself as an individual, but as a pluralism standing for Islam.