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Not Ambition Driven

I don't think he was too ambitious. He should have been in the GOP debates with Ron Paul, McCain, Santorum, and all the rest. It's quite possible he could have been the nominee. He was certainly a better candidate than all but (possibly) one of the candidates.

But the GOP, in its wisdom, did not consider what the delegates, voters, and public deserved (to hear all the candidates), and shut him out in violation of their own rules.

As a former governor, he was certainly a known executive: we had seen his style of management, all the bills he vetoed, the way he balanced his budgets, his popularity across the board (no cronyism). His running was not ambition, it was common sense.

Running in the LP, against the GOP, after their treatment of him was not about ambition, it was probabaly anger.

Nobody motivated solely by ambition runs in the LP. Like Ron Paul before him, Gary Johnson runs to advance freedom, which is always an issue LP members want their candidates to run on. We don't consider freedom candidates to be ambitious fringe losers.

What do you think?