Comment: This is what you guys should be doing...

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This is what you guys should be doing...

Things like this push your cause forward. The weird conspiracy guesses don't as they are usually quickly and easily debunked and shown to be garbage...

Stick with the facts, like this.

When I was around 12, I watched documentaries on building demolition. If the demolition expert misjudges either the timing or placement of key charges, the building falls to one side or another. It requires skill and engineering to cause a building implosion.

The idea that one building could by chance have enough explosive force, at the right points, in the right timed sequence to create an implosion is beyond implausible.

3 buildings at once, creates odds so large as to be one step removed from being struck by lightening repeatedly every 5 minutes for a week.

This sort of thing coupled with the metallurgic data, is quite interesting. Ask any welder, they'll tell you.

I am not a truther by any stretch of the imagination. I have respect for facts and information. Stick with that, and you will get a lot more people asking the same questions that you have.

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