Comment: I'm starting to think

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I'm starting to think

MSNBC's audience isn't just the flip-side of the coin from Fox News viewers, but they are actually the flip-side of the coin for only the worst of the Fox News viewers. It takes some fetishizing of your own hate for the other side to put up with MSNBC. There are some relatively normal people who watch Fox News. Relatively.

The panel and their babblings are just pathetic with a capital "P". The one guy admitted how he's so far to the left he's too extreme to understand Rand or Ron, yet this panel sees nothing missing from their ability to comment on a story, perhaps someone who actually knows what they're talking about. They think they're just fine, in their little insular world where they can pretend they have a point because there's no one there to call them on it. Drama trolls.

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