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Please reread what I wrote. Politics is a dirty ass game and I am happy that Rand is playing it the way he is. That doesn't mean I support McConnell.

We can bitch about his alliances and not like the people he supports. Thats fkn politics. Its dirty and ugly.

At the end of the day, Rand defends the principles and issues that matter most to me. Rand would be a fool not to support McConnell. McConnell is a very powerful Senator. Losing him could cost Rand big time in 16. Helping McConnell will only help Rand. McConnell knows he is in trouble and needs him.

This is chess and not checkers. In order to be effective, you must be strategic.

That is the point about leadership. Sometimes the trivial stuff doesn't matter when you are aiming for a higher goal. You and I cannot control everything and a good leader knows that. At some point you gotta have faith in the leadership they display. As long as Rands principles are not compromised, Im on team Rand.

'Politics makes strange bedfellows.' Charles Dudley Warner

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul