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You twisted my words around.

Firstly, I never called you a neocon. I told you your arguments were one, REFUTED A MILLION TIMES AND ONE, and two, that they were used by neocons perpetually to establish fear and hatred of Islam. I couldn't care less that you choose not to be a Muslim, but when you say Islam is actively dismantling our freedom, and that Muslims are plotting to take over the world in a tyrannical one world government system, I call that hatred and bigotry. I don't care who you voted for.

Secondly, you don't know what religious pluralism is. It's tolerance of other faiths. It's not the Art of War. It's not deception. Hell, I can't even understand half the words you say in this post because it's redundant and irrelevant in so many ways! It's not even wrong because it's so off topic, and so was your original post about Islam!

And when you say I have no reason to be offended by your horrific misrepresentation of Islam as a religion actively trying to destroy freedom, upon which you actually claim Muslims try to adhere to, since, as you said, Muslims try to emulate the Prophet, who you falsely claimed "wiped out the Jews from the Middle East three times," I'd say that only a fool would not take offense to that. I'm a proud American born patriot, and I adhere to and take my religion seriously, and I will not be wiped off as some lousy terrorist who wants to take away our freedoms..

I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

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