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Here's my response to your source:

Firstly, they claim Muhammad murdered Jews for not converting to Islam in a timeline. Not specific at all or scholarly. At best, that claim is just that, a claim, rather than fact. Next, it talks about him murdering 600 Jews from the tribe "Banu Kurara." After doing some research, I couldn't find any tribe with that name, but the closest historical occurrence that is what they are likely referencing is what I already mentioned, the incident with the Banu Qurayza. Then, they mention the "Jewish tribe Kaibar." Khaybar, as it's properly spelled, is a city, and all tribes of the region have Banu in front of it, as that is tribe in Arabic. There was no "Banu Khaybar." However, there was a battle there, and I would like you to see what the Western scholar William Montgomery Watt had to say about it:

I presume these were the "three times Muhammad wiped the Jews from the Middle East," right? Simple reading would indicate that this source was completely wrong and wasn't even scholarly as a proper resource. It couldn't even spell or enunciate the words correctly, let alone cite sources or know cities from tribes. I hope this clears things up.

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